September 24, 2018
 Parent InfoActivity Points & Eligibility     
 Activity Points & Eligibility Information

Students are held accountable for their achievement, behavior and effort throughout the year, and eligibility to participate in one or all of the activities. Your child earns points based upon the following:  

  • 5 points for each grade A-D  
  • 5 points for each Citizenship grade of E (excellent) or S (satisfactory)
  • 10 points for a total of 18+ points of Effort points

Each Quarter, students can earn up to 70 points; students below 50 points will automatically lose all extracurricular activities such as: the Harvest Festival, Winter Dance, Spring Festival, Spring Dance, 6th grade picnic/7th grade History day/8th grade End of Year activities, or play on or attend school organized sports.

Students will be notified on a quarterly basis of their point standing. Our goal, however, is to have as many students earn their privileges back to participate in the remaining extracurricular activities. We are proud when students take the time to change their behavior and make a difference in their lives.

Ineligible students will receive added support by attending a weekly session with a designated teacher. During these sessions, students will set goals to do whatever it takes to meet all eligibility requirements for the next quarter. 

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