January 23, 2019
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 Absence/Off-Campus Process

IMPORTANT New Absence/Off-Campus Form -- click here to get a printable copy


If your child is absent, it is not necessary to phone the school to report it. Instead the student should bring a note written by a parent/guardian with the reason and all dates of the absence to the front office the morning they return to school. (Please use the Absence/Off-Campus downloadable form).  Students being absent for more than 3 days require a doctor's note.

We ask that students try to schedule doctors/dentist appointments for after school, however, we understand this is sometimes unavoidable.  When pulling your student out of school during school hours:

1.  Please write a note explaining why you must take the student out during school hours.  Use the Absence/Off-Campus form

2.  Have your child bring the note into the front office in the morning.

3.  An Off-Campus pass will be generated and it should be picked up by the student before being signed out.  (The pass is only good for that day and should be returned the next day to the office when the student returns to school.)

4.  The student MUST be signed out in the “sign-out” notebook before leaving the office


Any questions regarding attendance should be directed to Karol Otsuka at (310) 533-4516 x4982.

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