September 21, 2018
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 Notebook Policy

All Hull students should have no more than one 3-ring notebook with a minimum 2" rings (3" recommended), which must be brought daily to classes.  The notebook should have the following recommended supplies:

  1. Student Planner
  2. Pencil pouch (no pencil boxes)
  3. Dividers: no more than one divider with pockets per class
  4. ALL classroom and homework assignments must be written in Student Planner every day whether completed or not.
  5. ALL past Planner calendar pages must be retained and not folded nor thrown away.
  6. Lined paper
  7. Blue and black pens
  8. Red pens or pencils
  9. #2 pencils and erasers

Suggested items

  1. Calculator (scientific for 7th & 8th grades)
  2. 1/4" grid graph paper
  3. 3-hole punch to fit over notebook rings
  4. Selected teachers may require 70 sheet spiral notebooks for some assignments
  5. Colored pencils
  6. Set of multicolored fine-tipped felt pens
  7. 12" ruler (standard & metric)
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