September 24, 2018
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 Safe Schools: Suspensions & Explusions -- "Zero Tolerance"

Schools must be safe for all students if learning is to take place.  No person has the right to deprive another of an education and feeling safe from harm.  Our school district, fromt he Board of Education to every employee, is dedicated to this concept.

We enforce a policy of ZERO TOLERANCE, which means that the following violations will result in immediate SUSPENSION and EXPULSION from the Torrance Unified School District.

  • Possession of a firearm (including imitation firearms)
  • Brandishing a knife
  • Sale of controlled substance
  • Committed or attempting to commit a sexual assault or battery
  • Possession of an explosive device

In addition, the following violations will result in immediate SUSPENSION and a determination of further action, which may result in EXPULSION proceedings:

  • Serious physical injury to others
  • Assault or battery upon any school employee
  • Possession of knives or other dangerous objects
  • Harassing, threatening or intimidating a witness
  • Possession of controlled substance
  • Robbery or extortion
  • Terrorist threats against school officials or school property or both

Any student with information regarding violation of above may call anonymously 1-800-78-CRIME.

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