September 24, 2018
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 School Office Procedures/Student Services

School office hourse are 7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. The main office provides services to conduct school business, enroll new students, maintain student records, offer emergency assistance and provide information to the community.

To avoid disruption of the classrooms, your student's instructional time, and unnecessary use of the telephone, we ask that you refrain from attempting to deliver messages to your student during the school day except in emergency situations.

Lost & Found:  Lost clothes are kept in the cafeteria.  Samll valuables such as wallets, glasses, jewerly, etc., if turned in, may be claimed from the office.

Telephone:  Students are permitted to use the school telephone.  Cell phone use is restricted to before and after school, not during the school day.

Visitors on Campus: Park in the parking lot on 231st Street or along the street.  All persons visiting campus while school is in session must check-in at the office.  Visitors must sign-in and obtain a visitor's badge taht tehy must wear while on campus.  School-aged persons not enrolled are not permitted on campus during school hours.

Students Leaving Campus During School Hours:  Parents must notify the Attendance Office in writing if their child needs to leave the campus during the school day.  The students must bring a written note to the Attendance Office before school begins to obtain an Off Campus pass.  Parents will then meet their child in the office where they will sign them out at the front desk.  It is against school policy to release any student from campus on the authority of a phone call only.  All off campus passes must be returned to the attendance office the day/period the student returns to school.  Only then can the student legally be readmitted to classes.

Student Records:  Student records are maintained in the school office and may be reviewed by parents.  According to state law, the school record follows the student from school to school.

Student Emergency Cards:  Emergencey cards are kept on file in the school office and should be kept constantly up-to-date by the parent.  Emergency cards are required by law and need home, work and cell numbers where parents may be reached during the school day.  Please notify the Attendance Office of any changes to information on emergency cards during the school year.

Health Office:  Any time a student comes to the Health Office, their name, the date, time, and the reason for their visit are recorded.  A parent or guardian can bring a prescribed or over-the-counter medication to the Health office to administer to their child directly.

Medications:  Board Policy 462.2 Medication Request states:  No medication will be given without written request from parent or guardian and a licensed physician.  If a student requires medication(s) during school hours, regardless of the number of days, the prescribing physician and the parent must fill out our TUSD Medicants At School Policy form each new school year.  This form must be returned to the Helath Office before any medications can be aministered at school.  All medications must be brought to and kept in the Health Office.

Inhalers:  Students using an inhaler may be offered the Permission to Carry an Inhaler contract.  This contract must be completed by the parent and returned to the Health Clerk, in person, by the student.  If a student who uses an inhaler chooses not to participate with the Contract to Carry and Inhaler, their inhaler will be kept in the Health Office and made available at any time the student may need to use their device during the school day.

Non-Discrimination Policy:  Please refer to the TUSD Statement of Non-Discrimination.

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