January 23, 2019
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 Math Course Expectations:

·         Be in your seat before the bell rings.

·         Come prepared with the following:

1.      spiral notebook (120 pages at least)

2.      3 Ring Binder (at least 2 inches) and 6 tabbed dividers

3.      Pens (1 black or blue, 1 red, 1 green, 1 your color choice)

4.      Pencils

5.      Whiteboard (dry erase) markers

·         Be positive

·         Encourage and support others – We are a team!

·         Make your actions reflect a positive, considerate, and respectful environment.


Course Description:

6th Grade math will be broken down into 5 main topics and a review unit before state testing. The unit topics are:

·         Number Systems

·         Expressions and Equations

·         Ratios and Proportional Relationships

·         Geometry

·         Statistics and Probability

·         Review Unit


California Math: Common Core Edition by McGraw Hill.  You can access the on line edition by going to:


Your User Name is your student ID# with a “T” in front of it. (T012345), use your etusd password for the password. 



Your grade will be based on averaging your most recent test scores. Tests are cumulative and comprehensive and will cover all of the material from the first day of class to the day of the exam. Tests will be given at the end of each unit. Quick Checks, exit slips, and reflective slips will also be used to figure grades. Tests will be graded on a 4 point rubric. (See Levels Rubric)


Your effort during class investigation, warm ups, and the active practice are an important part of the learning process. every problem assigned must be attempted, and you need to use every resource at your disposal to successfully complete the assignment and be able to explain the assignment to demonstrate comprehension.



Homework will be assigned based on individual/class needs to help with skill comprehension.  The purpose of homework is to solidify the learning of a skill/concept and ensure transfer of the information into long term memory for retention and to become an expert in the concept. Homework assignments will be listed on the board as well as on the Hull website.


Late Assignments:

It is your responsibility to determine if you have missed assignments and assessments during an absence and to work with Mrs. Gottschalk to develop an action plan to get caught up.


Grading Scale

Rubric Score Conversion

88% - 100%  A


75% - 87%  B


51% - 74%  C


25% - 50%  D


0% - 24%  F

Inconsistent attendance/no credit

Consequences for Positive Behavior:

You will experience the satisfaction of success following hard work.


On the Other Hand:

1.      Individual Warning – verbal

2.      Meeting with Mrs. Gottschalk including parent contact

3.      Referral to administration

4.      Parent conference

I look forward to having a wonderful year with you, and I encourage you to ask question, to seek my help the moment you begin to feel lost, and to NEVER doubt your ability to succeed.  HARD WORK and the belief that YOU CAN DO THIS   will lead to success!

            We are in this together and together we will succeed!

I am available for help during most lunch breaks or by appointment. You can also reach me by email (preferred communication)

            email:  gottschalk.cynthia@tusd.org

Note:  I retain the right to make changes, additions, and deletions to this syllabus during the course of the year. 

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