November 15, 2018
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 Student Responsibilities Due Date --

HW AMNESTY 11/5 THRU 11/9.

11/9 --

7th Grade -- Finish Cause & Effect page from class, if not done.

                Expansion of Islamic Empire/Baghdad -- use phrases

                Work on SG every night. Tonight -- Cordoba, Granada, Battle of Tours.

8th Grade -- Study for test w/ your SG that should be done by now.

         Binder #1 for Colonialism & American Revolution due.

11/8 --

7th Grade -- If you didn't finish in class, finish GR 2-2 T/F, Islamic Empires. Use your textbook.

                    Of the 14 SG questions you have to answer by 11/16, answer the ones tonight on Umayyads and Abbasids.

                    Hole-punch & place your papers in your Binder daily, to use for your SG.

8th Grade -- Work on SG for possible Review Game tomorrow.

                     Test on 11/9.

                     Binder #1 due 11/9. No papers in pockets, cover info been on board all week. All papers hole-punched and organized, use them for your SG ( goes in order thru your Binder).

11/7 --

7th Grade -- Write 8 text messages (4 each) between Abu Bakr & Umar, discussing which one was the best caliph. Using the biographies, have a different fact in each text to support their argument. Abbreviated language fine, but respectful tone only. Use POV.

8th grade -- SG for 11/9 test.

                   Binder #1 on Colonies & Revolution due 11/9. Early turn-in for XC will be 11/8.

                   Finish classwork not done in class.

11/6 --

7th Grade -- Read Ch. 2-2 and answer p. 189, #1-7 in CS. For #3, draw the chart and answer in phrases.

                    SG passed out Friday, test on 11/16. On the SG, 14 you look up & memorize, 15 are info I am giving that you memorize.

8th Grade -- Binders for Colonies and Revolution unit (1 Binder, 2 units) due 11/9. Cver info on board in class.

                    SG for test on 11/9. All questions are from class work and homework.

                    Read packet on Women in the Revolution and answer questions page. Finish Patriots if you did not finish in class. Use class resources (in Binder) plus internet if necessary.

11/2 --

7th Grade -- Reread Ch. 2-1 and answer GR 2-1 in CS as you read. Have your SG next to you as you do this and finish all SG questions you haven't answered yet. QUIZ is Friday, 11/2. You've had the SG since10/24.

            Read the bio of Khadija on the back of GR 2-1, & answer the questions in CS.

8th Grade -- Pick one argument from Thomas Paine's "Common Sense" and draw a political cartoon to illustrate his point. DO NOT just pick the 1st argument, read the whole thing. It can be one panel up to 4 panels for your cartoon. Pencil is OK.

10/30 --

7th grade -- Finish class mapwork if not done.

             Bedouins article -- use CS. #3 = map & article for answer.

             Packet & map from last week will be collected.

             SG for quiz this Friday.

      DO NOT wait to start your new Binder #2. Yellow packet from Day 1 should be in it, multi-colored packet would be next, etc. Follow Binder List.

8th Grade -- Finish all work from class on comparing/contrasting Soldiers' Lives.

10/26 --

7th Grade -- Binder #1 due. See earlier HW entries for expectations, plus your planner.

8th Grade -- Read Ch. 2-4, answer GR 2-4 in CS as you read, unless you were excused.

10/25 --

7th Grade -- Work on Binder #1.

8th grade -- Finish battles info/history.

10/24 --

7th Grade -- Read Ch. 2-1 and answer questions on p. 180, #1-6 in CS. For #3 -- use phrases, copy the diagram, and write 1 true fact in each section (3 diff., 1 the same).

8th Grade -- Research the Revolutionary War battles you were assigned by your table group. Answer: Date, Location, Outcome (who won), Significance (importance -- how did this battle affect the war), and map placement. Get 3 done at home minimum, 2 in class Weds., and be ready to teach your table your results. After your table is done, analyze your maps -- what seems to be the strategy the British employed? What was the American battle strategy? Why was the American strategy more successful?

10/23 --

7th Grade -- Work on Binder.

       Finish Fall of Rome paper from class.

      Study your SG for quiz on Byz. Empire on 10/23.

7th Grade only -- Organize your Binder for Friday's turn-in. As always, extra Binder Lists are under the bell on the work table. Binder Lists should be in front of their appropriate sections.

TAB your Binder Lists for XC points. Early turn-in for XC = 10/25. Regular turn-in = 10/26.

Remember, cover directions on the board (have been there since last week). No reg. pencil should show on covers, include the correct title and an illustration (hand-drawn or downloaded fine). 

8th Grade -- Finish Content Vocab. (CV) and Academic Vocabulary (AV) and GR 2-3 from class. Correct all false to make them true. Sp./cap. matter.

10/19 --

7th Grade -- Bio -- Belisarius, use CS.

                Map of Constantinople -- use all maps from class for it.

8th Grade -- Finish looking up phrases from Dec. of Ind.

10/18 --

7th Grade -- read Ch. 1-3, answer p. 165, #1-7 in CS. #3 -- finish the diagram in phrases.

8th Grade -- Finish work on Lexington & Concord, Bunker Hill, and the TL.

10/17 --

7th Grade -- Study for test.

                    Binder will be due in 10 days.

8th grade -- Not sure why I post this, since 2/3rds of the class does nothing, but let's try -- Do the packet on Causes of the American Revolution. You will use your answers to do a chart tomorrow, so do your best. Unlike today.

10/16 --

7th Grade -- Study Guide should be finished. If your team did not finish their graphic on Reasons for the Fall of Rome, continue to organize reasons.

            Test on Weds., 10/17.

8th Grade -- Read Ch. 2-3 on reasons leading up to the American Revolution. Answer questions  #1-7 in CS on p. 141. Finish timeline for #3 -- phrases ok for that.

10/15 --7th Grade -- Prep for table group project, Reasons for the Fall of Rome. Whatever your job for the team is, do your best at it.

SG should be done to study daily for test on 10/17.

8th Grade -- Use your Binder List and organize your Binder.

7th & 8th Grades -- HW Amnesty thru 10/12. Been posted and announced in class since 10/3.

10/12 --

7th Grade -- Timeline (TL) -- use phrases only.

                     Content Vocabulary (CV) -- use the textbook. Two are SG terms -- define them in your SG when you find their answers for HW.

                    Have SG done for test on 10/17. Table project next week -- Reasons for the Fall of Rome Graphic -- prep by figuring out your team's graphic choices, and start listing reasons for the fall of Rome.

10/11 --

7th Grade -- Read Ch. 1-2 and answer GR 1-2 while you read. Use CS for your answers.

                   Attila the Hun Bio -- use CS. #3 = 3 sentences describing the trade deals.

                  SG daily for test on 10/17.

8th Grade -- Timelines due Friday, 10/12.

                    SG should be done by 10/11 to study for Friday's test.

10/10 --

7th Grade -- Project due 10/10.

8th Grade -- Keep up SG and TL dates. 

      Colonies Test on Friday -- make sure you memorize 13 Colonies Map too.

10/5 --

7th Grade -- SU 9A -- use LNs.

Project and SG work.

8th Grade -- Finalize dates/rewrite on color-coded paper.

Do SG nightly.

10/4 --

7th Grade -- SU 8A -- use LNs.

Work on Project (see planners for new due date) & SG.

8th Grade -- Final push for dates for TL on Colonies.

Work nightly on SG, 1 question per night.

10/3 --

7th Grade -- Finish 2 articles, The Roman Empire in its Glory & The Middle East & the Roman Empire -- use CS.

Project due Friday.

8th Grade -- GET DATES on the colonies' establishment and growth. At this stage, OK to download. Focus on dates dealing with the growth of slavery in the colonies.

Read Mercantilism article. Then look at the engraving of the slave auction & go thru the questions mentally only. What is the link between mercantilism & slavery?

Read the Plantation article & Compare/Contrast indentured servants to slaves ( 3 facts per section). Then read the 3 quotes on the back. If these men meant what they said, what should have been the policy on slavery in their colonies. Was it the policy? If not, why?

Work on SG.

10/2 --

7th grade -- Study your SG for test. One-half of Per. 1 and 2/3rds of Per. 3 did not have a finished SG to play the game. They have had 21 days to answer 12 questions. All answers were given out in class or students were told where to find the answers. The test is Tuesday, 10/2.

Project due 10/5.

8th Grade -- Collect as many dates as you can on the Southern Colonies settlement and growth. Organize dates/events by reli., gov't., econ., mili., educ., slavery, or cultural. some events fit more than one category, so label all that fit.

9/28 --

7th Grade -- SU 8A -- use LNs.

                    SG should be done for Monday's Review Game.

                    Study SG for test on Tuesday.

                    Make sure you read all your articles.

                    Project due 10/5.

8th Grade -- Finish the Colonies Review from Weds. class.

                    DATES for NEC!!

9/27 --

7th grade -- GR 1-1 based on Ch. 1-1.

                   Read & annotate the articles to prep for your project.

8th Grade -- Finish class work and research dates and events on the New England Colonies (NEC).

9/26 --

7th Grade -- See planners for info on due dates for SG, Test, Project.

SU 10A -- use your preprinted Lecture Notes (LNs).

8th Grade -- Look up dates (year) & info on events on the founding & growth of the New England colonies.

9/25 --

7th Grade -- Read "The Rhine River..." & answer ?'s in CS.

Remember -- SG done by 10/1, Test on 10/2, Early Turn-in for Project XC = 10/4, regular turn-in for Project = 10/5.

8th Grade -- Finish classwork (2 articles on New England and Pilgrims vs. Separatists) if not done.

Read 1st Thxgiving article -- on back, summarize info you find online about specific food available in the ocean off Massachusetts (Cape Cod). Then answer this question -- What food could have helped the Pilgrims survive their winters, if they had been better prepared?

Weekend --

7th Grade -- Make sure your SG is caught up, and work on another page for your project. By Monday you should be done with 5 out of the 8 total pages of your brochure.

8th Grade -- Get a 1" Binder if you have not found one yet.

9/21 --

SU 3A -- use LNs

Bio -- Marcus Aurelius, #1-4 -- use CS

Work daily on project and SG.

SG done by 10/1, test on 10/2.

Project due 10/4 for XC, 10/5 for regular turn-in.

8th grade --

New Spain -- read and do back side

New France - Dutch -- read and ID 3 main ideas.

Finish list of 10 items to pack for New World, or chores to do upon arrival to survive

9/20 --

7th Grade -- Map of 4 Stages of Rome's Growth due. No regular pencil should be visible on a final project. Remember to follow each of the 5 steps on the back of your sample map for each of the 4 Stages of Growth. Map Key needs to be colored in to match your color choices for each stage.

                    SU 2A -- use LNs

                    Work a little bit every day on SG and Project.

8th Grade -- Read. Ch. 2-1 on American Colonies. Answer p. 124, #1-5, in CS, except #3, use phrases to finish chart with 3 answers in each answer box. Even if it says write an essay, just answer in 1 CS.

9/18 --

7th Grade -- SU 1A -- Use illustr./LNs

                         Augustus Bio -- Use CS, answer #1-3

                Finish "Poli. & Citi." if you didn't read it all last week.

                Keep up on your Project (one page daily, use LNs) and your SG (tonight tackle the ones from the lecture).

8th Grade -- Study your SG for your quiz on Ch. 1.

9/14 -- 7th Grade - Project directions and paper sent home. That section of the project (the 1st 4 pages) should be done by Friday, 9/21.

Work on SG and Binder daily.

9/14 -- 8th grade -- Study your finished SG for Review Game on Monday, quiz on Tuesday.

9/14 --

7th Grade -- Write about Julius Caesar on 12A, using your pre-printed LNs and the illustration. You will be reading what you wrote out loud to your table group tomorrow. Be creative. The section about 5 important events in his life can be written as a JC blog entry (use his "voice" in your writing), a JC fan magazine article, an interview, or a straightforward paragraph. The section on his assassination should be written pretending you are the 1st journalist to arrive on the scene, explaining the who, what, when, where, why, and how of what happened.

    Finish the article.

    Answer SG #2, Julius Caesar (most imp. facts) tonight.

8th grade -- Finish the SG. Quiz on Monday. SG notes will be allowed to be used for the quiz..

9/13 --

7th Grade -- SU 5A using illustr./LNs.

Read next paragraph in article, "Poli. & Citi."

Make sure SG is being worked on each night. Test = 9/28.

8th Grade -- Answer the SG questions using your table group notes, textbook, and the notes you took while I verbally explained everything. Quiz = 9/14.

9/12 --

7th Grade -- Finish SU 4A using chart and LNs.

Read "Citizenship in Roman Times" & answer in CS (complete sentences).

Read p. 7 of "Politics & Citizenship."

Remember to keep up with your SG (Study Guide) and to organize your papers daily  into your Binder #1.

8th Grade -- Be responsible for whatever part of the Group Book Poster you are assigned. USE THE  TEXTBOOK and read your section.

9/11 --

7th Grade -- Finish Student Responsibilities (SR) from class -- Using Lecture Notes (LN's) and illustrations (2-sided page), answer Study Unit (SU) 1A and 2A (double-sided). At the bottom of 2A, remember there is a Word Bank.

Read the article, (The Rise of Rome). 

Study Guide (SG) and 1st Binder List (BL) passed out today. Answer SG question #4 and #9, Apennine Mts., tonight (do not write answers on the SG cover sheet, should be on separate paper). The SG should be done before the Review Game on 9/27.


8th Grade -- Read assigned sections of Ch. 2 on Capitalism and write a summary of that info. Then create a quick mini-ad on 8 1/2" x 11" paper (regular pencil okay)to teach how that summary helps explain why the American colonies were created. Cartoons/illustrations/diagrams or slogans fine. 

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