September 19, 2017
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 Due Date --

9/19 -- Using the illustration and Lecture Notes (LN's), answer SU 1A on Octavian Augustus. Sp. & cap. matter in the Word Bank section.

           Bio -- Octavian Augustus -- Use Complete Sentences (CS) or lose points. Answer ON the page, NOT on another paper. Answer #1-3 only in CS.

           Finish reading "Politics & Citizenship" article.

           Brochure's 1st 4 pages, on tan directions page, should be done by Friday so you do not get behind.

           Keep working on SG, and do Binder daily.

9/15 -- Using the LN's and the back of the illustration from Day 3, answer SU 12A on Julius Caesar. For the middle section, you can write in paragraph format to describe 5 events in JC's life, OR you could pretend you are an interviewer and JC is answering your questions, OR you could have JC writing it as a blog (remember to use JC's voice -- ARROGANT!), OR you could write it as though it is an article in a Julius Caesar fan magazine, OR...anything you can come up with. BUT make sure the events are from Day 3 & 4 LN's and use details.

         Last section -- write in the style of a journalist, first person on the scene of the assassination. Be creative but historically accurate.

        Keep SG and Binder updated.

9/14 -- Using LN's and illustration, answer SU 5A.

           SG/Binder  -- keep updated.

           Read p. 8, "Poli. & Citi.".

           9/13 -- The students need to work on following directions and writing MORE details and info in their answers.

            Using the chart on the 3 branches of Roman government, do SU 4A. Use the lecture notes too for the bottom section.

            Read and annotate p. 7 of "Politics and Citizenship".

           SG -- answer questions on 509 BC, consul, Senate, patrician, plebian.

           Have Day 2 organized in your Binder.

9/12 -- Using the Map Illustration, answer Study Unit (SU) 1A.

           Using the Lecture Notes (LN's) and Etruscan Heritage Illustration (on back of Map Illustration), answer SU 2A (on back of 1A).

          Read and highlight the article "The Rise of Rome" for interesting facts and new info. Skip the activities.

          Do Study Guide (SG) #4 and define the Apennine Mts. for #9.

          Hole punch and put Day 1 papers in Binder behind Binder List (BL) #1.

         New students to class -- read the orange syllabus with your parents and return signed bottom section. Worth 2 tickets.

9/8 -- Read over orange syllabus, and fill out the bottom and return it to class for tickets. Get your 1" Binder by Monday.  




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