July 17, 2018
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 Due Date --




6/20 -- Binder #4 due. Info been on board for over a week. All units listed on cover mock-up on board. Cover rules listed on board.

6/19 -- Test on Ch. 11. SG should have been done last week, read it over and over to master the material.

            Binder #4 due 6/20.

6/18 -- Enlightenment Book Posters due. Follow directions on the Project Directions paper. ALL INFO YOU NEED IS ON THE DIRECTIONS PAGE. READ IT. THEN USE THE LECTURE NOTES AND START PRODUCING.

            SG for test on 6/19.

            Binder #4 due on 6/20.

6/13 -- Cartoons (3, 4 panels each) of the Scientific Revolution due. Follow directions you copied from the board.

           SG -- 1st 11 questions should be done before Thursday. Test will be 6/19.

            Binder #4 due Weds., 6/20.

6/7 -- Read Ch. 11-1, answer questions #1-6 on p. 523. Use CS except for #3 (phrases). Just a sentence is enough, even if they say write a letter, essay, etc.

          Timeline on Scientific Revolution, unless you finished it in class. Just use phrases.

6/6 -- Test, Ch. 9 and 10, Mesoamerica & Exploration, so STUDY!!!

6/5 -- Bios -- Bishop De Landa & Dona Marina

         Test on 6/6 -- finish SGs

6/4 -- GR 9-3, Fall of Aztec & Inca Empires

         Bio -- Pizarro -- use CS

          Finish SGs for test on 6/6.

6/1 -- GR 9-2 T/F.

          Bio -- Ah Cacao -- use CS for #1 & 2. Draw pyramid and pictoglyphs (in pencil) for #3.

         Texts -- 9 total, 3 each, between Itzcoatl, Tlacaelel, and Moctezume I, arguing over who was the greatest leader of the Aztecs. Remember to support each text with a different fact from the articles, and use their POV of what a good leader was, not what we think a good leader should be today.

         Students have 1 hour in class to work on these too.

5/30 -- 2-sided -- Olmec Shamans/GR 9-1 The 1st Americans. Use CS for both.

            SG for Exploration should be done by now. SG for Meso-America quiz will be passed out Weds/Thurs.

15/23 or 5/24 -- Classwork from Monday/Tuesday is due.

Reading Ch. 10-1 and answering #1-6 using CS (finish diagram #3 w/ phrases, #6 = 5 multiple choice questions with 4 answers each) was assigned Friday after test.

Packets -- Marco Polo, Magellan, and Balboa.

Students had over an hour each day to finish these. Most did. If not done, what were you doing with your time?

New SG for test on Day 12 passed out.


Remember to go over your Debate Notes and think of ways to argue each pro/counter point. Debates are Wednesday and Thursday, depending on your period, and are worth 100 Project points. Absent = 0 pts. Make-up = 10 page typed paper presenting each round you missed with complete sets of pro and con arguments for every point. I don't recommend an absence unless you are violently ill.

Also remember my announcement today -- completed SG's may be used for Friday's test, but only if they ARE REALLY COMPLETED. We finished the last 3 map questions in class today and Tuesday, depending on your period. All the SG's should therefore be done by Tuesday, as questions #1-9 were all assigned last week, and the mapwork in class on Monday and Tuesday provide you the answers (twice) for questions #10-12.

As mentioned all last week and posted on the board, Reformation Ch. 8 Test is Friday, 5/18.

5/11 -- Read Ch. 8-2, answer GR 8-2, The Reformation Spreads, while you read.

           Mary I Bio.

           SG #9, finish it, the last 4 groups/people. Test on 5/18.

5/10-- Biography = John Calvin. Use CS.

         If for some reason (??) you did not finish the Venn Diagram or Cause & Effect with your table group in class, finish at home.

         Use the chart, Calvinism vs. Catholicism, for your John Calvin Debate Notes. Fill in the 6 beliefs of Calvinists, and the counter-arguments are the opposing Catholic beliefs. Simply copy them down, NUMBERED, 1-6.

5/9 -- Read Ch 8-1 and answer GR 8-1 while you read. Sp./cap. matter. Finish Debate notes from class if you did not already.

              Answer the assigned SG questions. SG should be done by Friday. Tonight = #7 and #9 (Martin Luther and John Wycliffe).                

5/8 -- Using CS, read and answer the biographies, Desiderius Erasmus and William Tyndale. On the Erasmus bio, #4 = "spirit of the law" means how a person acts when no one sees them, or how they feel inside, vs. "letter of the law" means how they act in front of other people. Remember how we went over the word "hypocrisy."

5/7 -- Test on SG for Chapter 7, The Renaissance. Review questions on Medieval Europe (look up correct answers this time). Addional SG, passed out Weds., have all the answers you need for question #1. USE IT!

5/3 & 5/4 -- Renaisance Project Presentations time. Make sure you fill out a team evaluation form.

5/2 -- Reread Ch. 7-3, answer GR 7-3 while you read.

          Finish putting your project board together with the writer(s)/artist(s) you are responsible for in your group. You are only graded for the artists/writers you told me you were doing. Each person in your group is graded separately on their posters, DO NOT do their writing for them.

         SG/Test on 5/7.

5/1 -- GR 7-1 Review T/F, correct false to make them true.

         All research should be done for projects, and you should be typing it up and choosing your illustrations. Presentations are 5/3 or 5/4, all boards must be finished for the day you are assigned to present.

        Test on 5/7.

4/26 & 4/27 -- Using the biographies passed out today, and Ch. 7-2, work on your Famous People of the Renaissance directions. Answer all 5 of the questions, bulleted format recommended. If you type it up and save it, all the info can be used for your big Renaissance Project next week, with illustrations added. IT WILL SAVE YOU LOTS OF TIME. The only other info you will need for your big project is an interesting fact for the 6 people your team picks (3 artists, 3 writers). You can find that info in the bios or your book too. You may split this week's research up with your team, but the final info should be in each person's own words. Famous People done = play game for prizes. Not done = work in hallway instead.


4/25 -- Binder #3 due. Assigned since February. No workbook pages should be in the Binder. Cover directions on board in class. Third Binder, you should know how to do this by now. Stop acting like a baby and do it daily, which is the point. And do NOT have your parents do it for you. Students, you are or have already begun being a teenager (13 years of age) -- start accepting responsibility and work on maturity. (Note: 4/24 @ 3:30 pm -- 60 students turned Binders in early. Great job!!)

           Using the illustrations and lecture notes (LNs), answer SU 1A, 2A, 3A, and 4A.

           Work on info for the Famous People, the ones we covered today in class. Their info is in your LNs. 

4/24 -- Read Ch. 7-1, answer p. 391, #1-7 in CS, except for #3, copy and fill-in diagram using phrases. #7 = 3 questions w/ 3 answers, all in CS.

           See 4/25 for Binder #3 turn-in info.

4/20 -- STUDY for your test on 4/20. Remember, you have had the SG for 19 days to answer 23 questions. That's less than 1.3 questions per day. So why is it not done yet?? For those of you who finished days ago and having been reading it over and over, good job!


4/19 -- Using the article with columns that we highlighted together, answer SU 8A (use the Word Bank at the bottom of 8A).

            Using Ch. 6-5, answer GR 6-5 T/F. Edit all false to make them true.

            SG should be done for Review Game on 4/19. Been assigned since 4/2. SG will be collected on 4/20 before the test.

            Binder #3 due 4/25. Early turn-in = 4/24. Cover info on board since 4/17.

4/18 -- Pretend you are a bubonic plague germ. Using the 2 articles, LN's, map, graph, and timeline as resources, write a postcard home to the "family" you left behind. Describe who you are traveling with, your experiences thru Asia and Europe, and your "accomplishments." Remember to write from the POV of the Black Death. One paragraph of 5-6 sentences is fine. Extra points if you do a mock-up of a postcard with art (downloaded or drawn ok).

      SG -- needs to be done for Review Game on Thursday. 

      Test is Friday, 4/20.      

      Binder #3 on Medieval Europe due 4/25. Early turn-in = 4/24.

4/17 -- Finish Mapwork from class. Timeline articles have naswer as to where the plague began, if you do not remember.

           Timeline = DATE 1st, then event. Do the math and figure out the year. For answers, phrases ok. 


4/12 -- Using the articles and lecture notes, write 9 text messages (3 each) between King John, his mother Eleanor of Aquitane, and the Nobles of Runnymede, arguing over whether King John should sign the Magna Carta. Remember John was illiterate, so Eleanor will argue the power of kings for him, which means, why should kings rule instead of regular people. The Nobles will argue why the king should give up power to the people (use the lecture notes' bulleted points in the dialogue bubble of the noble).

4/11 -- Read over the packet and map for the field trip and make plans for your group.

4/10 -- Read Ch. 6-3 and answer p. 354, #1-6. Use CS, except for #3, use phrases to finish the diagram. Use William the Conqueror and Henry II for the leaders in #3, and give AT LEAST 2 acomplishments of each.

          SG #13, 15, 16, 19, and 20.

4/6 -- Using today's article and especially your lecture notes, write 9 text messages (3 each), between William the Conqueror, Harold Hardrada, and Harold Godwinsson, arguing over who should be the new king of England in 1066.

             SG # 16 (1st 3), 18, 21.

4/5 -- Finish SU10A from your LNs and illustration. Use as a resource, plus articles and notes, for your "Letter Home as Medieval University Student" -- see your planner for details. Every time I type up the details, this site rejects the info. Sorry!!

        4/4 -- Finish SU 10A/5A on Cathedrals from class.

         p. 363, #1-7. Use CS, except for #3, finish the diagram.

         Work on the SG questions that the HW covers.

4/3 -- Read Ch. 6-4, answer GR 6-4, "Church and Society," while you read. Sp./cap. matter.

         Read and answer all questions on both biographies in CS -- Hildegard of Bingen and Francis of Assisi.

         Start new SG by answering #1, 7, and 10.

3/23 -- Study for test.

3/22 -- Using articles and lecture notes from Days 21 thru 25, write 8 text messages (4 each) between a lord on a manor and a burgess of a town, arguing where was it better to live. Support each message with a different fact, and counter the other person's argument.

           SG studied for test on 3/23.

3/21 -- Read the article on Medieval Cities. Then do Townspeople, using CS. Last, use your lecture notes from today and answer SU 3A.

           Test on Feudalism on Friday.

3/20 -- Using your testbook, answer GR 6-2 T/F. Edit all false to make them true.

           SG should be finished for the test on 3/23.

3/15 -- If Manor Diagrams from class not done (SU 9A and Mind Your Manors), finish them. Read "The Manor" and "Mind Your Manors" articles 1st.

            "Serfs" Article from class -- use CS.

            SG for test on 3/23.

3/14 -- If diagrams from class not done, finish them.

           Use article and finish "Offense or Defense" -- write the term that fits the illustrations and ID it as O for Offense or D for Defense in protecting/attacking a castle. Everything you ID as Defense should be a component of your castle design on Friday.

           SG for test on 3/23.

3/13 -- Article: "Castles and Forts Give More Power to the Nobility" --  answer in CS. Think how the info/questions can help you plan your castle diagram for Friday.

           If you did not finish Castle Life in class, it is HW.

           SG for test on 3/23.

3/9 -- Using all 5 Venn Diagrams (4 on 2-sided yellow, one rectangular about Knights vs. Samurai),  write a compare/contrast narrative. Choose whether you are a knight or samurai, who has miraculously traveled to the other warrior's culture. Pick one Big Idea from each of the 5 diagrams, and discuss how that is the same for both of you, but show the contrast by describing how the specific details are different (e.g. both wear armor, but armor made differently for different fighting functions). Highlight or number your 5 sets of compare/contrast passages in the narrative.

3/8 -- Finish the Venn diagrams from class on: Son of Knight vs. Son of Samurai, Chivalry vs. Bushido, Medieval European Feast vs. Medieval Japanese Feasts. Use the resource material passed out in class.

          SG for test on 3/23.

3/7 -- Finish whatever work from class you did not complete. "Armor" and "Weapons" are for prizes, and for when we compare Knights and Samurai on Weds. and Thursday. "Knights and Knighthood"/"Tournaments" is graded.

         SG for test on 10/23.

3/6 -- Pretend you are a squire the night before you become a knight. You have hired a scribe to write a letter home to your parents (because you are illiterate), telling them: 1) what has your training for a knight been like; and 2) what you expect your future as a knight to involve. Write a minimum of 2 paragraphs, and use all 6 required words from "Knights and Knighthood," pg. 9.

3/2 -- Feudal Pyramid Cartooning Project due. Follow directions.

         NT Wkbk.  6-2 on Feudalism due.

3/1 -- Using all the materials from Friday and Monday, and following the directions page passed out (and gone over) in class, students need to produce a Feudal Pyramid Cartooning Project.

         NT. Wkbk. pp. 94, due  for a check.

2/27 -- Preparing for your Feudal Pyramid Cartooning Project -- Read "Nobility in Europe" and answer #1-7 in phrases, #8-10 in CS, and organize the info from the diagram onto SU 6A.

                  NT Wkbk. -- define the 9 vocab. words.

2/23 -- Using all the resources from today (notes, article, 2 biographies), write 8 text messages (4 each) between Henry IV and Gregory VII. Each text should have a fact in it to support their claim over who should have more power, the king or the pope. Remember to use the person's POV in the text -- each man was very stubborn and did not listen, so incorporate that.

            Test is 2/23. Read SG over multiple times.

2/22 -- Using Lecture Notes and illustrations, answer SU 1A and 2A, unless you finished them in class.

            Role of Monasteries/Vikings

            The Medieval Church -- 2-sided

            Test on 2/23.

2/21 -- Using all the resources from today's lesson (lecture graphic, articles, illustrations, textbook), pick 5 facts/experiences/events. Incorporate them into a blog, and online diary, pretending you are a Norseman. Add details and information to make your writing POP off the page. Make sure to put the 5 items you chose to include into an order that makes sense. Title it, "My Life as a Viking."

          Test on 2/23. Memorize your SG by reading it out loud to yourself at least 5 times each night, if you learn by hearing. If you are a physical learner, copy each section over and over until you have mastered it, then move on to a new section. If you aer a visual learner, read it to yourself quietly 5 times per night.

2/16 -- Read Ch. 6-1, answer p. 333, #1-6 in CS. #3 = phrases to finish diagram. #6 = just write 1 question. (Assigned Thurs. to avoid weekend HW.)

           Read short article, Charles Martel, answer 3 questions in CS.

          Read 1-sided articles, Charlemagne Rises Above the Rest, and answer questions in CS, except #9, numbers alone OK.

          Memorize SG for test on 2/23.

2/15 -- Read Clovis Bio., answer all questions in CS.

           Read Barbarians Take Charge, finish the questions you did not finish in class. CS = 6, 7, 9, 10, phrases for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 8.

           Barbarian Map of Europe due 2/16, see below.

2/16 -- Barbarian Map of Europe Project, worth 100 points. Follow directions which you should have copied in your planner, and again on the back of your map: Using p. 325 in your textbook as a model, label 45 barbarian groups in their correct locations after the fall of Rome, draw/trace 11 rivers in blue and label 7 of them, color blue 6 bodies of water and label them, and color 3 mountain ranges brown and label them. Sp./cap. matter. No regular pencil should be visible, and you do not have to color the background (the European continent) in, because it will hide your labels. 

    New Binder List #1for Binder #3 went home.

    SG for test on 2/23 went home.

2/13 -- Binder #2 due. (Studetns: All info below listed under 1/30, which I have been referring you to for days now, or it has been posted on the board in the room for over a week, so none of this is a surprise)

Units to include (in this order, first unit = first in Binder, etc.) = Medieval Islamic Empires, Medieval African Empires, Medieval China, Medieval Japan (also list them in that order on your cover).

Binder Lists for each unit should be filed right in front of Day 1 papers of each respective unit.

NO WORKBOOK PAGES SHOULD BE IN BINDER as none of them were on your Binder Lists. Minus 2 pts. for each wkbk. page included.

NO PAGES IN FRONT OR BACK POCKETS of your Binder. Minus 2 pts. for each paper shoved into the front or back pocket, as how will they be a resource for you like that??

All pages hole punched, and in the order of the day you received them, as listed on the Binder Lists.

Cover = no regular pencil visible, by hand or printer, at least one illustration (hand-drawn or downloaded), no sp./cap. errors, and  follow the directions on the board (they have been posted for over a week now). DO NOT USE lined notebook paper for the cover paper. Use computer paper. Do not tape your cover page on. If you do not have the plastic front pocket on your Binder to slide the cover into, then hole-punch the cover and place it before Binder List #1. 

DON'T FORGET YOUR LECTURE NOTES. They are listed on your Binder List; include them.

Completed SG's and Test Answer Sheets are the highest point value of all the pages, as are all project papers.

2/9 -- Memorize SG for test on Friday, 2/9.

          Binder #2 due 2/13, see 1/30 entry for specific info. Cover info been on board in class all week.

2/8 -- SG must be done to play the Review Game.

         Binder #2 due 2/13. See 1/30 HW entry for Binder requirements.

2/7 -- Finish Timeline and Content Vocab.

         SG needs to be done for Review Game on 2/8.

         Ch. 5 test is on 2/9.

         See 1/30 for Binder #2 info, due 2/13.

2/6 -- Bio -- Sei Shonagon -- Use CS.

          NT Wkbk. 5-2, Shoguns & Samurai -- USE THE TEXTBOOK. Due 2/7.

          See 1/30 for info on Binder #2, due 2/13. Remember in class what I said about early turn-in (extra credit opportunity).

         SG for Review Game on 2/8, test on 2/9.

2/5 -- Read Ch. 5-3 in the textbook. Answer GR 5-3: CS for #1, 2, 3, &10, use phrases for #4, 5, 6, 7, 8, &9. Remember almost all the questions require more than 1 answer.

         SG for test on 2/9. Must be done for Review Game on 2/8 to play.

         Binder #2 due 2/13. See 1/30 for requirements.

2/2 -- Using the 2 articles passed out, write 8 text messages ( 4 each) between Minamoto Yoritomo and Tokugawa Ieyasu, arguing who was the bst shogun. Find 4 facts in each article to support your claim (1 fact per message, no repetition).

         See 1/30 for Binder #2 info, due 2/13.

         SG for test on 2/9. Must be done to play Review Game on 2/8.

         Remember, I do not round up grades for report card if you have missing work. You could have raised the grade yourself if you cared enough. There are over 10 students to whom this applies. A shame.

2/1 -- Read CH. 5-2, answer GR 5-2 T/F while you read.

         See 1/30 for Binder and SG info.


1/31 -- Using the textbook, answer GR 5-1, Early Japan. Sp./cap. matter.

           Biographies -- Kukai and Empress Suiko -- use CS.

           SG for test on 2/9.

          Binder #2 due 2/13. See 1/30 for required info.

1/30 -- Read Ch. 5-1, Early Medieval Japan. Answer p. 301, #1-7 in CS, except for #3 timeline. Add 5 dates to the 2 dates they give you (2 dates are entire centuries), and use phrases to describe an event for each of the 7 dates (7 dates, 7 events). 300 BC and 300 AD are two different dates.

           New SG passed out for test on 2/9.

           Binder #2 due 2/13. Included are Islamic Empires, African Empires, Medieval China, Medieval Japan, IN THAT ORDER. Cover must be in ink and cover all the required elements shown in the sample on the board. Binder Lists should be in front of each section, with Day 1 for each region right after, then Day 2, etc. BE NEAT and NO WORKBOOK PAGES!! Wkbk. pages = -2 pts. per page. Anything in front or back pocket = -2 pts. per page. Tabbing the 4 Binder Lists gets extra credit.

1/26 -- Study Guide (SG) due, test on Ch. 4, Medieval China.

1/24 & 1/25 -- If you are a Thursday presenter, PRACTICE!! And if you are a Shark on Thursday, prepare your questions. Remember, if you are absent for a presentation, there is no possible way to make it up.

        SG due on 1/26 for test on 1/26. SG passed out 1/8. Should have been done by Weds., 1/17.

1/23  -- Be ready for practice presentations. Read earlier entries for all info. Remember, if you are absent for a presentation, there is no possible way to make it up.

1/22 -- Be creative with your numbers while you answer #4 question from the Directions page. You can look things up online, or make up your accounting. Accuracy is not important, but consistency is -- everyone in your group should know your costs for the different categories, your pricing for the item you are producing, and the % of profit per month. Best guess is fine!! Relax!!

          Try to work on board together so you have class time to practice presentations. FILL the board. Answer all 4 questions, use charts and graphs for #4, and full-size illustrations. Matte your work. Impress the Sharks with your effort!

         On Monday, you will find out what day you are a Shark, and what day you present, Wednesday or Thursday. Boards are due the day you present.

               SG for test on 1/26.

1/19 -- Your Shark Tank Team should have assigned the 1st 3 questions from the directions. Answer the one(s) you were assigned in a full detailed paragraph(s), using persuasive speech (sales pitch). Print it out in large font and be ready to glue it to your board.

              Your team needs to get a presentation board.

          Presentations will be 1/24 & 1/25.

          SG for test on 1/26.

1/18 -- Timeline and Content Vocab., -- phrases OK.

       NT 4-2, assigned since last week, due.

       Work on finishing SG for test on 1/26.

       We begin Shark Tank Project on 1/18. Presentations and boards due 1/24 & 1/25.

1/17 -- GR 4-4 -- Read Ch. 4-4 and answer GR 4-4 in CS.

           Admiral Zheng He  -- read and answer in CS.

           Keep up with SG and Binder. Test on Jan. 26th.

1/16 -- 3 Biographies -- Empress Wu (use CS), Marco Polo (use CS), and Genghis Khan.

            SG (Study Guide) for test on Ch. 4.

            Keep Binder #2 updated.

1/12 -- Read Ch. 4-3 and answer GR 4-3 on Mongols in China.

           Finish Map pages from class. USE ALL MAPS passed out in class to answer Map Overlay. Use the article at the top of the page and the map provided to answer The Mongol Empire page (2-sided).

          Work on SG.

          Keep Binder #2 caught up.

1/11 -- Read Ch. 4-2 and answer GR 4-2 T/F. Correct false to make them true.

           NT Wkbk. 4-1 due. Use lecture notes for the answers.

          Work on SG.

1/10 -- Using Ch. 4-1 again, answer GR 4-1, China Reunites. Sp./cap. matter.

           Confucius Packet -- change #10 across to 4 letters by deleting the 1st box.

          Using Day 2 Lecture Notes, answer Notetaking Wkbk. 4-1. Use the textbook for any answers I did not cover.  Due Thursday.         

          New SG and Binder List #3 went home Monday. Don't wait!!

          Watch Shark Tank for our Shark Tank Chinese Inventions Project coming up!!

1/9 -- Read Ch. 4-1 and answer p. 259, #1-7 in CS, except #3 -- finish Venn Diagram with 1 fact in each section.

         Finish Mapping Questions if you did not finish in class.

         New SG and Binder List sent home.

         Watch Shark Tank on TV or online to get used to format for our project on Chinese Inventions. You will be both a "shark" and someone pitching a product.

12/20 -- HW Amnesty until 12/20. NO STORE FOR ANYONE WITH MISSING WORK FOR Q2.


12/15 -- Using white packet I gave you, answer all 39 bulleted points, in the style of giving advice, in the green packet. If green packet not done, no Sahara Survivor Game.

12/12 -- Study for test using your Study Guide (SG) assigned since 11/27.

              The Ghana Quiz retake will be 12/14, for people who earned D's and F's (such as those who walked out with the quiz instead of turning it in). No grade will be higher than a C, as it is the 2nd time you have taken it. Remember to have both the Ghana articles that were listed on the board all week before, and on the test day, to use, and are again listed on the board.

12/11 -- Using 3 articles from class, write a 1 paragraph (5 sentences minimum) blog pretending to be Leo Africanus. Describe 3 adventures/experiences you have had. One experience MUST be about your trip to Timbuktu. Write in 1st person, be detailed, and be kinda a braggart.

         NT Wkbk. assigned since 12/4 is due.

         SG must be done to play Review Game. SG will be collected 12/12 for the test.

12/8 -- Using lecture notes, the 2 biographies we went over together, and the 3 Songhay articles, write 8 text messages (4 each) between Sunni Ali and Askia Muhammed arguing over who was the best leader of Songhay. Remember, in texting, it is a conversation, with each person responding to what the other said and then providing a new fact as to why they were the best ruler. Use POV, 1st person.

          See 12/6 for more info on what is due.

For some reason, about 20 students out of 170 kept their open-article quizzes on Friday instead of turning them in at the end of the period. This means they earned a zero out of a normally 45 point quiz. Some periods were perfect (Period 6) and followed the verbal and written directions to turn in the quizzes before leaving. In each of the other periods, 2 to 10 students per period ignored directions and really hurt their grades. Not good choices. 

12/7 -- Content Vocabulary -- use all of Ch. 3. Seventeen answers for 9 questions.

           Timeline -- phrases ok.

           See 12/6 for other assignments due.

12/6 -- 2-sided Mali: A Later Empire II and Mali: Growth & Development -- READ the ARTICLES!!!

          Packet Mansa Musa

          All Mali articles will be used for the quiz tomorrow.

         NT Wkbk. due Monday, 12/11.

        SG for Review Game on 12/11, for test on 12/12.

12/5 -- Mali: A Later Empire -- READ the article FIRST!!

           GR 3-2 -- Read Ch. 3-2 and answer the questions while you read.

           NT Wkbk. 3-2 due Monday, 12/11.

           SG must be done for Review Game on 12/11. Test = 12/12.

12/4 -- If you did not finish GR 3-1 T/F in class, then it becomes HW.

12/1 -- NT Wkbk. 3-1, assigned Monday, due.

           Read and answer Ghana: Trade and Development -- need to have it done to help with your quiz tomorrow. Phrases/short answers fine. You will be using Ghana: An Early Empire (from Wednesday) with your quiz also.

          Reread Kingdom of Ghana -- 2 questions, use CS.

          SG for test on 12/12.

11/30 -- Mapping Questions -- use pre-printed Physiographic Map passed out Day 3 (11/29) to answer in phrases. Sp./cap. matter. All 18 labels on map used once on answer sheet.

             Read article on Ghana, answer questions with CS. DO NOT use another paper to write your answers on.

             Map assigned Day 2 due 11/30. See below for info, plus should have been copied in your planner.

             Work on SG for test on 12/12.

             NT  3-1 due Friday, 12/1.

11/29 -- Grasslands of Africa -- read and answer in CS.

             Due Thursday -- Physiographical Map of Africa -- no regular pencil visible, 17 labels (sp./cap. matter), use Regions pages for map info. No blank area on map. 

11/28 -- Read Ch. 3-1, answer p. 214, #1-6 in CS, except #3, use phrases.

No HW until the night of Nov. 27th. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and help your family with chores to show thankfulness!!

11/17 -- Test day! NT Wkbk. 2-1 and 2-3 due. SG due.

11/16 -- If you did not finish GR 2-3 in class, it is now HW.

             SG must be done for tomorrow's Review Game. I only grade the answers you need to look up. Learn ALL the info, given to you by me or looked up by you. 

             NT 2-1, 2-3 collectd on 11/17.

            Test on Ch. 2, The Islamic Empires, is on 11/17.

11/15 -- Content Vocab. (CV) -- use Ch. 2, sp./cap. matter. Make sure SG and NT Wkbk. words are done too (lots of overlap with CV).

              Texts -- 8 total, 4 each, between Suleiman and Akbar -- Who was the greatest leader of an Islamic Empire? Use the 2 articles for Suleyman, 1 for Akbar, to find 4 facts for each leader to support their claim of being the best.  Do not write the texts on the articles, use notebook paper or type. Remember to use the leader's POV (point of view). 

             SG for 11/16 Review Game.

             NT Wkbk. 2-1, 2-3 will be collected 11/17, day of the test. Skip 2-2.

11/14 -- Finish classwork: Chart answers, Baghdad, Expansion of Islam. Phrases ok. Worth prizes if 100% finished.

             NT Wkbk. 2-3 & SG due day of test, 11/17.

            SG must be finished to play Review Game on 11/16.

            EVERY TABLE GROUP has a hole-punch on it now, so Binder work should be hole-punched daily and immediately. If you need a binder, see me ASAP.

11/13 -- GR 2-2 Islamic Empires T/F -- use textbook, correct/edit false sentences to make them true.

             NT 2-3 due 11/17, day of the test on Ch. 2. NT 2-1 will be graded then too (should have been finished on 11/9). 

             SG must be done by 11/16 to participate in the Review Game. SG collected on 11/17, day of the test on Ch. 2.

11/9 -- Finish Timeline from class. Phrases OK.

           Using 2 biographies you annotated in class, write 8 text messages (4 each) between Abu Bakr and Umar, discussing which one was the best caliph. You may use  abreviations. EACH TEXT/MESSAGE needs to have a different fact from the articles supporting the speaker's claim. You must think Point of View (POV) of the speaker, and the time period they are from, when creating your arguments. Use regular lined notebook paper or type them. Only messages with facts in them will earn points. No points for "Hi" or "How are you?" Pretend they are already in the middle of their conversation.

           NT Wkbk. 2-1, assigned last Thursday, is due. Follow the assigned bulleted format or lose points.

          SG for test on 11/17. Only 14 have items to look up, 15 are items you memorize (there is overlap in the questions, some are both).

11/8 -- Read Ch. 2-2, answer p. 189. #1-6 in CS. Number 3 = finish diagram in phrases.

           NT Wkbk. 2-1 due Thursday.

          New SG went home for test on Islamic Empires on 11/17.

11/7 -- Using textbook Ch. 2-1, answer GR 2-1, The Rise of Islam, in CS. If you didn't finish your SG for quiz, answer it as you do GR 2-1, they cover the same info.

           Bio -- Khadija -- answer ALL questions in CS.

          Quiz on 11/7. Can use SG during quiz, just like the last quiz.

          NT Wkbk. 2-1 due 11/9 (assigned 11/2).

11/6 -- Questions from Deserts, Oases, Coastal Plains, Mountains pages due. Please staple the regions pages in that order for turn-in. Use yellow packet for answers. Have had these 9 questions assigned since Halloween. Answering in phrases/short answers OK.

           Finish Study Guide vocab. words for Tuesday's quiz on 11/7. SG passed out Weds., 11/1. 

           NT 2-1 due 11/9. One week to do it. Passed out 11/2.

11/3 -- Binder #1 due tomorrow. Follow directions from 10/26.

           Multi-colored pages (Deserts, Oases, Coastal Plains, Mountains, passed out Weds., 11/1) questions due Monday, 11/6. Phrases ok. Use yellow packet (passed out Tuesday, 10/31) for answers.

            SG for Islam Vocabulary Quiz passed out, Quiz on Tuesday, 11/7.

            NT Wkbk. 2-1 due 11/9.

11/2 -- Using the 4 colored sheets on regions in the Arabian Peninsula (Deserts, Oases, Coastal Plains, Mountains), draw a 4-layered map of the area. Use the white map paper we started in class. No regular pencil visible on the final map, and it is fine to leave the Wasteland area white. You should have 17 labels on your map, all spelled and capitalized correctly (labels from the 4 colored regions pages).

          The questions on the 4 colored regions pages are not due until Monday. Just do the map tonight.

           IMPORTANT -- Get parent to sign gradesheet (PS on GS) for extra credit.

           11/3 -- Binder due. See 10/26 for Binder #1 turn-in information.

10/30 -- Finish The Fall of Rome Chart & Questions from class -- phrases OK.

            See 10/27 for SG/Quiz info, and 10/26 for Binder #1 info.

10/27 -- Using textbook, answer GR 1-3 T/F, The Byzantine Empire. Edit all false statements to make them true.

      LN's today covered answers for 6 SG #3 terms for Monday's quiz. Define those terms tonight. Quiz = 10/30.

     See 10/26 for Binder #1 info, due 11/3.

     HW Amnesty is 10/30 thru 11/3.

10/26 -- Bio -- Belisarius -- use CS, and change script to a 1 sentence description/"pitch" you would give to sell your script idea.

             Constantinople Map -- Follow directions #1-5 step by step (notice the clues!!). Answer the 4 questions on the back in quick phrases.

            SG #3 for quiz on 10/30 -- answer #1-5 tonight.

            Binder #1 due 11/3. Cover info posted on board on Weds.

Binder rules -- Cover = no regular pencil. Binder Lists should be in front of each section they cover (Binder List @1 before Day 1, Binder List #2 before Day 11, etc.). NO papers in inside cover pockets = -2 pts. each. Papers need to be in the order they are listed on the Binder Lists. Lecture Notes are obviously suppose to be included (look at the lists). NO BLANK NOTEBOOK PAPER ALLOWED. ONLY the papers listed on the list, or passed out in class, should be in Binder. 

10/25 -- Read Ch. 1-3 on the Byzantine Empire (should have started in class), and answer questions on p. 165, #1-7 in CS on a lined piece of paper. For question 3# -- draw the diagram and use phrases to answer it (4 answers). You NEVER write the questions.

           New SG for Byz. Emp. quiz on 10/30 will be passed out Weds.

           Binder #1 will be due 11/3, a week from Friday.

10/24 -- SG #2 should be done, STUDY for test. You have had 24 days to do 15 questions.

             NT Wkbk. 1-1 and 1-2 due, been assigned since 10/11.

10/20 -- Make sure your group has AT LEAST 25 reasons/supporting details for why Rome fell. Tonight, go thru all your notes and info from Day 18 thru Day 23 to get as many more reasons as you can so your team earns full points and hopefully some extra credit!

             SG #2 must be done by Monday, 10/23 to play the Reviw Game for prizes.

           SG #2 (passed out 10/4) and NT Wkbk. 1-1 & 1-2 (passed out 10/11) are due 10/24, same day as the test.

10/19 -- Read 4 articles from today, plus lecture notes from Day 18 thru 21, textbook Ch. 1-2, and all info given, and organize reasons for the Fall of Rome for your group project graphic. Come with a complete list (at least 25 reasons/support) for your team.

             SG #2 (assigned since 10/4) and NT 1-1 and 1-2 (assigned since 10/11) are due 10/24, day of the test. So the students have 20 days to answer 15 SG questions and 13 days to do their workbook, including the 3 class days I was gone. 

10/18 -- Content Vocabulary (CV) -- use textbook, SG, and NT Wkbk answers. Sp./cap. matter.

             Timeline (TL) -- use timeline as your resource. Phrases ok.

            SG #2 must be done for 10/23 Review Game.

            SG #2 and NT 1-1, 1-2, due 10/24, day of the test.

10/13 -- GR 1-2, use CS and textbook Ch. 1-2. You had all period in class Thursday to do this, it is only HW if you didn't finish after 50 minutes.

              SG #2, and NT Wkbk. 1-1 & 1-2, both due day of test, 10/24.

10/12 -- Map & Timechart: Barbarian Invasions (2-sided) -- use phrases.

              Bio. -- Attila the Hun -- use CS. #3 = 3 sentences.

              SG #2 -- #5, 10, 13 recommended for tonight.

              Test = 10/24. SG should be done by 10/23 to play the Review Game. SG collected on the test day.

              Notetaking Wkbk. (NT) 1-1, 1-2 -- due 10/24. Students should have annotated it today, 10/11, with the directions. Phrases fine, but lines should be filled in with DETAILS. NT Wkbk. & SG VERY similar questions, so I recommend as you do one, have the other open next to you to do at the same time. Do a little each night.

HW AMNESTY FROM 10/3 -- 10/11.

10/6 -- Using the LN's, answer SU 9A. Sp./cap. matter.

            "Time Travel to Ancient Rome" Brochure due. Been assigned since 9/15. Use both sides and all directions on the blue directions sheet.

10/5 -- Using the LN and illustrations/map, answer SU 8A.

            Read the biography of Diocletian and answer all 3 questions in CS.

            Brochures due 10/6. Been assigned since 9/15. Use blue directions page.

            Binder List #3 & SG #2 went home.

10/4 -- Read the 2 articles and answer questions in CS: "Roman Empire in All its Glory," and "The Middle East and the Roman Empire." 

            Brochure due 10/6, use the blue sheet of directions (2-sided).

OK, Parents, some commentary is needed -- The Study Guide (SG) was not "Weekend HW," but has been assigned nightly since 9/11, the 1st day we started Rome. Students were suppose to answer the question(s) that applied that night based on what we covered in class. I went over which ones to do each day the 1st week, then made them figure it out after that. The final day the needed info was gone over was 9/25, which is the day the students should have finished their SG's.....and yet, over a 3rd of each class came in with the SG not done, with most not even started. 


The test is Tuesday, 10/3 (tomorrow). Students who finished their SG's rocked the Review Game, and are hopefully fine-tuning their studying, which is the HW for 10/2. For those students who have barely started their 100 pt. SG assignment they have had for 22 days (to answer 12 questions, 37 total answers), maybe it is time you got to work.

    Brochures are due 10/6. They have been assigned since 9/15. Check how your child is doing, please.

10/2 -- STUDY GUIDES MUST BE DONE to play the Review Game for the test. SG's will be collected for a grade (worth 100 pts. of HW) on test day, 10/3.

           Early turn-in for extra credit of brochures = 10/2. DO NOT turn in incomplete brochures.

           Time Travel to Ancient Rome Brochure due 10/6. Been assigned since 9/15. Use the blue directions page.

9/29 -- Using your lecture notes, answer SU 8A. Sp./cap. matter.

            SG should be done for Review Game on 10/2, or you will not participate for prizes.

            Test in on 10/3, SG's will be collected right before test.                 

            Brochures due 10/6. Follow the 2-sided blue directions page.

9/28 -- Using lecture notes, answer SU 10A on Roman Law.

            Finish SG for Review Game on 10/2. SG due 10/3 on test day.

            Brochure Project -- use blue directions page, due 10/6 (XC Early turn-in = 10/2).

9/27 -- Read textbook Ch. 1-1, Life in Ancient Rome, and answer Guided Reading (GR) 1-1, Life in Ancient Rome, while you read. Spelling & capitalization matter. REMEMBER WE CROSSED OFF THE BACK, SU 6A ON RELIGION. We will do that page together on Friday, as notes for your project.

            Read the 4 articles I passed out and annotate them as though you were going to use that subject for your project, 4 facts with details for: Art, Architecture, and Domestic Life.

            See 9/26 for test and project info.

9/26 -- Read article, "The Rhine River: Border of the Roman Empire," and answer all questions in CS. Use the map, with the annotations we made, for # 4 & 5.

            Read the article "The Mighty Roman Army," and annotate for 4 facts w/ details you could use for your brochure.


           SG must be done by 10/2 to play Review Game. SG will be turned in for a grade on test day, 10/3.

9/22 -- Using your illustration and lecture notes (LN's), answer SU 3A. 

           Bio. -- Marcus Aurelius -- Use CS.

           Test is on 10/3, Review  Game on 10/2. SG must be done by 10/2 to play Review Game.

           Pamphlet Project due 10/6. Early turn-in for XC = 10/2. Follow directions page.

9/21 -- Using your lecture notes, answer SU 2A. Spelling and capitalization matter.

            Map of the Stages of Rome's Growth -- Follow directions from class and on the sample map (orange page). Remember to color in the map key with the correct colors and make the waterways all blue.

                Test is on 10/3. SG's must be done by 10/2 to play the Review Game for prizes.

           Time Travel to Ancient Rome Brochure is due 10/6. Project may be turned in early on 10/2 (if completed) for 10 XC pts.

           Keep Binder put together daily. We just finished Day 7.

9/19 -- Using the illustration and Lecture Notes (LN's), answer SU 1A on Octavian Augustus. Sp. & cap. matter in the Word Bank section.

           Bio -- Octavian Augustus -- Use Complete Sentences (CS) or lose points. Answer ON the page, NOT on another paper. Answer #1-3 only in CS.

           Finish reading "Politics & Citizenship" article.

           Brochure's 1st 4 pages, on tan directions page, should be done by Friday so you do not get behind.

           Keep working on SG, and do Binder daily.

9/15 -- Using the LN's and the back of the illustration from Day 3, answer SU 12A on Julius Caesar. For the middle section, you can write in paragraph format to describe 5 events in JC's life, OR you could pretend you are an interviewer and JC is answering your questions, OR you could have JC writing it as a blog (remember to use JC's voice -- ARROGANT!), OR you could write it as though it is an article in a Julius Caesar fan magazine, OR...anything you can come up with. BUT make sure the events are from Day 3 & 4 LN's and use details.

         Last section -- write in the style of a journalist, first person on the scene of the assassination. Be creative but historically accurate.

        Keep SG and Binder updated.

9/14 -- Using LN's and illustration, answer SU 5A.

           SG/Binder  -- keep updated.

           Read p. 8, "Poli. & Citi.".

           9/13 -- The students need to work on following directions and writing MORE details and info in their answers.

            Using the chart on the 3 branches of Roman government, do SU 4A. Use the lecture notes too for the bottom section.

            Read and annotate p. 7 of "Politics and Citizenship".

           SG -- answer questions on 509 BC, consul, Senate, patrician, plebian.

           Have Day 2 organized in your Binder.

9/12 -- Using the Map Illustration, answer Study Unit (SU) 1A.

           Using the Lecture Notes (LN's) and Etruscan Heritage Illustration (on back of Map Illustration), answer SU 2A (on back of 1A).

          Read and highlight the article "The Rise of Rome" for interesting facts and new info. Skip the activities.

          Do Study Guide (SG) #4 and define the Apennine Mts. for #9.

          Hole punch and put Day 1 papers in Binder behind Binder List (BL) #1.

         New students to class -- read the orange syllabus with your parents and return signed bottom section. Worth 2 tickets.

9/8 -- Read over orange syllabus, and fill out the bottom and return it to class for tickets. Get your 1" Binder by Monday.  




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