September 24, 2018
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 Student Responsibilities Due Date --

Weekend --

7th Grade -- Make sure your SG is caught up, and work on another page for your project. By Monday you should be done with 5 out of the 8 total pages of your brochure.

8th Grade -- Get a 1" Binder if you have not found one yet.

9/21 --

SU 3A -- use LNs

Bio -- Marcus Aurelius, #1-4 -- use CS

Work daily on project and SG.

SG done by 10/1, test on 10/2.

Project due 10/4 for XC, 10/5 for regular turn-in.

8th grade --

New Spain -- read and do back side

New France - Dutch -- read and ID 3 main ideas.

Finish list of 10 items to pack for New World, or chores to do upon arrival to survive

9/20 --

7th Grade -- Map of 4 Stages of Rome's Growth due. No regular pencil should be visible on a final project. Remember to follow each of the 5 steps on the back of your sample map for each of the 4 Stages of Growth. Map Key needs to be colored in to match your color choices for each stage.

                    SU 2A -- use LNs

                    Work a little bit every day on SG and Project.

8th Grade -- Read. Ch. 2-1 on American Colonies. Answer p. 124, #1-5, in CS, except #3, use phrases to finish chart with 3 answers in each answer box. Even if it says write an essay, just answer in 1 CS.

9/18 --

7th Grade -- SU 1A -- Use illustr./LNs

                         Augustus Bio -- Use CS, answer #1-3

                Finish "Poli. & Citi." if you didn't read it all last week.

                Keep up on your Project (one page daily, use LNs) and your SG (tonight tackle the ones from the lecture).

8th Grade -- Study your SG for your quiz on Ch. 1.

9/14 -- 7th Grade - Project directions and paper sent home. That section of the project (the 1st 4 pages) should be done by Friday, 9/21.

Work on SG and Binder daily.

9/14 -- 8th grade -- Study your finished SG for Review Game on Monday, quiz on Tuesday.

9/14 --

7th Grade -- Write about Julius Caesar on 12A, using your pre-printed LNs and the illustration. You will be reading what you wrote out loud to your table group tomorrow. Be creative. The section about 5 important events in his life can be written as a JC blog entry (use his "voice" in your writing), a JC fan magazine article, an interview, or a straightforward paragraph. The section on his assassination should be written pretending you are the 1st journalist to arrive on the scene, explaining the who, what, when, where, why, and how of what happened.

    Finish the article.

    Answer SG #2, Julius Caesar (most imp. facts) tonight.

8th grade -- Finish the SG. Quiz on Monday. SG notes will be allowed to be used for the quiz..

9/13 --

7th Grade -- SU 5A using illustr./LNs.

Read next paragraph in article, "Poli. & Citi."

Make sure SG is being worked on each night. Test = 9/28.

8th Grade -- Answer the SG questions using your table group notes, textbook, and the notes you took while I verbally explained everything. Quiz = 9/14.

9/12 --

7th Grade -- Finish SU 4A using chart and LNs.

Read "Citizenship in Roman Times" & answer in CS (complete sentences).

Read p. 7 of "Politics & Citizenship."

Remember to keep up with your SG (Study Guide) and to organize your papers daily  into your Binder #1.

8th Grade -- Be responsible for whatever part of the Group Book Poster you are assigned. USE THE  TEXTBOOK and read your section.

9/11 --

7th Grade -- Finish Student Responsibilities (SR) from class -- Using Lecture Notes (LN's) and illustrations (2-sided page), answer Study Unit (SU) 1A and 2A (double-sided). At the bottom of 2A, remember there is a Word Bank.

Read the article, (The Rise of Rome). 

Study Guide (SG) and 1st Binder List (BL) passed out today. Answer SG question #4 and #9, Apennine Mts., tonight (do not write answers on the SG cover sheet, should be on separate paper). The SG should be done before the Review Game on 9/27.


8th Grade -- Read assigned sections of Ch. 2 on Capitalism and write a summary of that info. Then create a quick mini-ad on 8 1/2" x 11" paper (regular pencil okay)to teach how that summary helps explain why the American colonies were created. Cartoons/illustrations/diagrams or slogans fine. 

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