September 24, 2017
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09-22-17 PLTW: The testing is now complete. Monday you will be assigned a laptop and we will start programming!
Science: The mission patches are due Monday. Don't forget to do our eTUSD question. It is due Wednesday.
09-21-17 PLTW: Test finishes tomorrow. Monday we start programming in Scratch.
Science: If you were absent today, please make sure you go over the notes from today. Those are the "Gravity and the Universe" on the eTUSD site. keep in mind we have started the Mars Crews long term project. Come up with some ideas for naming your crew and finalize your jobs. Tomorrow, you will be creating the mission patch and answering the questionnaire.
09-20-17 PLTW: Test continued through Friday.
Science: If you missed the notes today, they are on eTUSD. "Gravity and the Big Bang Prezi". Your eTUSD questions start tonight. The topic is "Personal introductions". It is due by next Wednesday.
09-19-17 PLTW: Computer hardware test continued.
Science: Finish up the workbook pages. They are due tomorrow. If you were not able to view the video in class, please watch it at home.
09-18-17 PLTW: Computer hardware test continued.
Science: Formation of the universe. "Formation of the universe" pages 228-231 in the PHYSICAL SCIENCE WORKBOOK. you may either print them out and do them, or neatly number the questions and answer them on a separate sheet of paper. They are due tomorrow.
09-15-17 PLTW: Computer hardware test until Wednesday of next week. Then the programming language scratch.
Science: Verify you can access the eTUSD class site.
09-14-17 PLTW: Your computer hardware test starts tomorrow. Make sure you review the ports and basic hardware of desktops and how to remove/add hardware to a laptop.
Science: We will review converting metric units tomorrow. Please make sure you attempt to log in to eTUSD to see if you can access the class. If not, please let me know.
09-13-17 PLTW: Continuing the computer hardware observation. Everyone has been added to the class eTUSD site. Verify you can access it.
Science: Finish up your lab handout. Remember, we are wanting a bar graph, not a line graph. Everyone has been signed into eTUSD. Please verify you can access the class eTUSD site.
09-12-17 PLTW: Continuing the computer hardware observation.
Science: Lab tomorrow. Please dress appropriately. No fire or chemicals.
09-11-17 PLTW: We will continue to look at the insides of computers for the rest of the week.
Science: Safety test tomorrow. We will have a lab on Wednesday.
09-08-17 PLTW: Finish the handout for homework. It is due Monday.
Science: Get safety rules signed. Lab safety test is Tuesday!
09-07-17 PLTW: Get your syllabus signed and make sure to get an accurate email address for your parents.
Science: Get your syllabus signed and make sure to get an accurate email address for your parents.

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