November 18, 2017
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11-17-17 PLTW: If you haven't written up your game plans, please make sure you do so.
Science: NO eTUSD over Thanksgiving Break. Keep working on your group and individual planet prezi's.

11-16-17 PLTW: Keep working on your games. Remember you need to have a written plan of it as prt of the final scratch grade.
Science: NO eTUSD over Thanksgiving Break. Keep working on your group and individual planet prezi's.

11-15-17 PLTW: Keep working on your games. I will be checking 1.6.4 tomorrow and Friday.
Science: Don't forget that you have an etusd due tonight by 8pm. keep working on your projects.

11-14-17 PLTW: Keep working on your games. I will be checking 1.6.4 Thursday and Friday.
Science: Continue working on your individual prezi project and the group prezi project. *****REMEMBER: when creating your prezi account... 1. Use your school email address. NEVER your personal email address. and 2. Use the FREE version. Do not get the paid version. For the group project, share the prezi with your group people so that they can work on it at home. Additionally you have an eTUSD due Wednesday night.

11-13-17 PLTW: We have started the scratch final project! You are creating a game. I'm giving you about 2 weeks so don't delay!
Science: Read pages 486 - 491 in the text. Do pages 246-251 #1-#11 & #1-#5 in the physical science workbook. These pages are due Thursday. Don't forget to do the eTUSD that is due Wednesday. You also have a group project and an individual project you should be working on.

11-09-17 PLTW: Nice job on 1.7.t!!!!we will be going over backgrounds and stages on Monday in preparation for the game final project.
Science: Same reading as last night. These are due Monday. You should be working on your eTUSD and your individual planet project.

11-08-17 PLTW: Grades are done. You should finish up 1.7.t. I would like to grade it tomorrow.
Science: Read pages 472-478 in the text. Do pages 240-244 #1-#13 and page 245 #1-#5. They are due Monday.

11-07-17 PLTW: Make sure your 1.6's were graded.
Science: read pages 472-474 in the text. Do pages 232-235 #1-#9 in the physical science workbook. Pages 232-238 #1-#18 are due tomorrow. Pages 235#10 - 238#18 were done previously. They are due tomorrow.

11-06-17 PLTW: Don't forget 1.6.1-1.6.3 need to be graded by end of the day Tuesday. We will go over 1.6.4 next week.
Science: None

11-03-17 PLTW: Your 1.5.p projects are graded. I will finish grading the 1.6's Monday. We will do the 1.7 test Wednesday. After that you design your own game!
Science: No eTUSD until Wednesday. If you have any missing work from other classes, use this time to get them turned in. We will be starting the solar system next week. Your grades reset on Monday. Make sure you get everything turned in this new quarter!!!!

11-02-17 PLTW: I will be grading the 1.6's tomorrow. I am making 1.6.4 due next week. I will also be going through the 1.5.p's tomorrow.
Science: No eTUSD until 11/8. You have Mars Crews tomorrow.

11-01-17 PLTW: Continue working on 1.6. These are the last programs for the quarter. Tomorrow I will be looking at your folders.
Science: Please make sure you have done your eTUSD questions before you respond to your classmates. The questions and test are to be finished by 8pm tonight. If you didn't finish the lab handout today in class, be sure to finish it tonight for homework. Your Mars Crews grade has been posted.

10-31-17 PLTW: Tomorrowwe will start 1.6. This is the last topic for this quarter. I will grade it Friday. Additionally. I will be grading the 1.5.p's this week.
Science: Tomorrow is a lab dealing with glassware. You need to finish up your eTUSD test and questions by tomorrow night. Make sure they are done.

10-30-17 PLTW: We will start going over the 1.5.p's tomorrow. Please try and make sure they are done. Additionally If you have not gotten the 1.5's graded yet, you need to get them graded ASAP.
Science: Finish the lab handout if you didn't finish in class. The graph should be a line graph. Don't forget to do the eTUSD assignments this week. They are to be done by Wednesday night at 8pm.

10-27-17 PLTW: Finalize 1.5.p I plan on looking it over Monday and Tuesday.
Science: Finalize the Mars Crews handouts you have been given. I am collecting them Tuesday to give them a grade. You have a new eTUSD question and an eTUSD test. Please make sure you finish them before Wednesday at 8pm.

10-26-17 PLTW: Continue working on 1.5.p. If you haven't gotten 1.5's graded please let me know.
Science: Study for your test tomorrow. Be sure to use your study guide and notes. Don't forget a new eTUSD started last night. It also includes a test. Please take the test once.

10-25-17 PLTW: continue working on 1.5.p. Remember that this is cooperative programming. yo are working with a partner. You both should be helping each other. You should be doing approximately half and your partner is doing the other half.
Science: Finish your eTUSD questions! They are due tonight by 8pm!!! You will get your study guides back tomorrow so you can use them to study for Friday's LT2 Final assessment.

10-24-17 PLTW: We start 1.5.p tomorrow. That is a group program.
Science: Finish that eTUSD question. It is due tomorrow night. Finish your study guide for homework. We are grading it tomorrow. We are also going to grade the diagram tomorrow.

10-23-17 PLTW: work on your 1.5's tomorrow. Any 1.4's that haven't been graded need to be graded tomorrow.
Science: You have a quiz tomorrow on the star life cycle in preparation for the learning target assessment. You should be able to read and use a Hertzsprung russell diagram. Don't forget to do your eTUSD questions.

10-20-17 PLTW: we will finish grading the 1.4's Monday. We will then start the 1.5's which deal with graphics. If you still have not completed the 1.1's and 1.2's they will turn to "0's" Tuesday afternoon.
Science: Work on your eTUSD question. We will be grading the diagram on Monday.

10-19-17 PLTW: 1.4's will be graded tomorrow. Any late assignments need to be finished by next Tuesday.
Science: You will finish today's project/lab tomorrow in class. It is due at the end of the period.

10-18-17 PLTW: You should have had your 1.3's graded by now. Please focus on the 1.4's. They are due Friday.
Science: Make sure you finish your eTUSD by 8pm tonight. Tomorrow we are doing an activity that you can use colored pencils on. If you have them, bring red, orange, yell, light blue and blue. Tomorrows activity is due Friday at the end of he period. No mars crews on Friday.

10-17-17 PLTW: make sure you finish any of the 1.3's so you get a grade for them. You should finish the 1.4's by Thursday.
Science: Do pages 219-223 "The life cycle of stars" in the physical science workbook. They are due tomorrow. You will have a 2 day activity starting Thursday and will be due at the end of the period Friday. make sure you are here for that. Don'r forget to finish your eTUSD questions. They are due by tomorrow night at 8pm.

10-16-17 PLTW: We will finish up 1.3 and move on to 1.4 tomorrow.
Science: Make sure you finish up the workbook pages. I am going to collect them tomorrow. Don't forget to do your eTUSD questions.

10-13-17 PLTW: Good work on 1.3.1-3! We will finish it Monday and start 1.4
Science: good job on the Mars Crews! we will finish the discussion about stars Monday. Don't forget about the eTUSD due Wednesday!

10-12-17 PLTW: Nice job on the songs!!! Tomorrow we start Scratch 1.3!
Science: Please do 213-218 "stars" in the physical science workbook. They are due Monday. Mars crews are tomorrow. Please make sure you are ready. If you are going to be absent, make sure a crew member gets your handouts.

10-11-17 PLTW: if you did not turn in your song project, we are sharing them tomorrow. please make sure you have it for me tomorrow. Again, if you are doing it at home on the internet version, it will not work at school. Download the correct version from the eTUSD page. Then put it on a flash drive for me, or email it to me as an attachment.
Science: We had the pre-test today. DON'T forget to do the eTUSD TONIGHT by 8pm!

10-06-17 All grades have been updated. As to whether they are correct, they seem ok. Please feel free to look them over.
PLTW: Song project is due Wednesday. I will be collecting them and playing them for the class.
Science: Work on your eTUSD questions. They are due Wednesday.

10-05-17 The online grade book appears to be having issues with calculating grades. So, I am not going to input grades online until the problem is fixed. I will record the grades in a paper grade book. When the online version is fixed I will transfer the grades at that point.
PLTW: Make sure you finish the song project.
Science: Do pages 235 #10 to 237 #16 in the physical science workbook. These pages are not due until a later date.

10-04-17 PLTW: Continue working on your song project. I will be going over all other work tomorrow and Friday.
Science: Your second eTUSD assignment is do tonight by 8pm. Please make sure that you have it done.

10-03-17 PLTW: Continue working on your song project. If you had the other programs in the incorrect folder, I will be rechecking them starting tomorrow.
Science: Test tomorrow. Study your notes tonight. Don't forget your eTUSD questions are due tomorrow night by 8pm!

10-02-17 PLTW: You will be working on your song project for the week. It is due Friday. I am checking 1.1-1.2 for grades. They should be in the scratch folder on the desktop.
Science: We will be reviewing tomorrow for test on Wednesday. It will cover the big bang, galaxies, gravity and the universe.

09-29-17 PLTW: Find the chords for a song that you would like to try and put into scratch next week. Make sure you have ear buds for next week.
Science: I have put grades into the computer. Feel free to check them out. I have also sent a test email home. Please check to see if you got it. If not check your spam folder. If it isn't there, please let me know so I can add you to the email list.

09-28-17 PLTW: Starting 1.2 tomorrow. You will need to finish 1.1 if you are not done yet.
Science: You will need to do pages 178-182 "Gravity: A force of attraction" in the Physical Science Workbook. They are due tomorrow. Mars Crews tomorrow. Be sure to weigh yourself and write it down. If you can't we will have a scale here. If you do not want to weigh yourself, then have an estimate for us to use tomorrow.

09-27-17 PLTW: Will continue scratch 1.1 tomorrow
Science: Be sure to finish your eTUSD questions tonight. They are to be done by 8pm. Your workbook pages are due tomorrow.

09-26-17 PLTW: Working on Scratch 1.1 basic motion
Science: Pages 224-227 in the workbook. The pages are due Thursday. Don't forget to do your eTUSD questions! They are due Wednesday night at 8pm.

09-25-17 PLTW: Computers were assigned today. Don't forget which one and where you sit. Tomorrow we will start Scratch.
Science: Pages 224-227 in the workbook. The pages are due Thursday. Don't forget to do your eTUSD questions! They are due Wednesday night at 8pm.

09-22-17 PLTW: The testing is now complete. Monday you will be assigned a laptop and we will start programming!
Science: The mission patches are due Monday. Don't forget to do our eTUSD question. It is due Wednesday.

09-21-17 PLTW: Test finishes tomorrow. Monday we start programming in Scratch.
Science: If you were absent today, please make sure you go over the notes from today. Those are the "Gravity and the Universe" on the eTUSD site. keep in mind we have started the Mars Crews long term project. Come up with some ideas for naming your crew and finalize your jobs. Tomorrow, you will be creating the mission patch and answering the questionnaire.

09-20-17 PLTW: Test continued through Friday.
Science: If you missed the notes today, they are on eTUSD. "Gravity and the Big Bang Prezi". Your eTUSD questions start tonight. The topic is "Personal introductions". It is due by next Wednesday.

09-19-17 PLTW: Computer hardware test continued.
Science: Finish up the workbook pages. They are due tomorrow. If you were not able to view the video in class, please watch it at home.

09-18-17 PLTW: Computer hardware test continued.
Science: Formation of the universe. "Formation of the universe" pages 228-231 in the PHYSICAL SCIENCE WORKBOOK. you may either print them out and do them, or neatly number the questions and answer them on a separate sheet of paper. They are due tomorrow.

09-15-17 PLTW: Computer hardware test until Wednesday of next week. Then the programming language scratch.
Science: Verify you can access the eTUSD class site.

09-14-17 PLTW: Your computer hardware test starts tomorrow. Make sure you review the ports and basic hardware of desktops and how to remove/add hardware to a laptop.
Science: We will review converting metric units tomorrow. Please make sure you attempt to log in to eTUSD to see if you can access the class. If not, please let me know.

09-13-17 PLTW: Continuing the computer hardware observation. Everyone has been added to the class eTUSD site. Verify you can access it.
Science: Finish up your lab handout. Remember, we are wanting a bar graph, not a line graph. Everyone has been signed into eTUSD. Please verify you can access the class eTUSD site.

09-12-17 PLTW: Continuing the computer hardware observation.
Science: Lab tomorrow. Please dress appropriately. No fire or chemicals.

09-11-17 PLTW: We will continue to look at the insides of computers for the rest of the week.
Science: Safety test tomorrow. We will have a lab on Wednesday.

09-08-17 PLTW: Finish the handout for homework. It is due Monday.
Science: Get safety rules signed. Lab safety test is Tuesday!

09-07-17 PLTW: Get your syllabus signed and make sure to get an accurate email address for your parents.
Science: Get your syllabus signed and make sure to get an accurate email address for your parents.

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